Good Branding 

We’ve had some bad branding on here but here’s some positive branding from the excellent Brewski brewery in Sweden. Candy Queen is a delicious drink too. 


Whilst volunteering at a beer festival we had a “ladies day”. We packed the bar with female servers decked out in some awesome “women love beer” t-shirts.  The only men on the bar were two guys from a brewery that was featured and one guy who I’m pretty sure was lost. That particular day we […]


“I met up with a group of friends late, there was one guy among them I’d never met before. One of my friends offered me an untouched beer, “it was for my wife, but it’s too hoppy for her.” I was responding, “oh, then it’s probably too hoppy for me too,” when the new guy […]


Every Thursday we share some excellent articles and blog posts from the past few years about the issue of sexism in the beer industry. This week’s article is from the Guardian in June last year – “Battle brewing: female beermakers take aim at industry sexism.” by Rob Davis.

Bad Branding

Old Leghumper from Thirsty Dog Brewery in Akron, Ohio has some classy branding right there…  We suspect that they wouldn’t win any prizes under those new Brewers Association guidelines.


Every Thursday we’ll be looking back at some of the great articles and blog posts about sexism in the beer industry and why it needs to be tackled.  This week’s #TBT is from January this year and helped us realise this website was needed –  @MarkNJohnson‘s posts Come to Daddy and What Men did Next  at […]