“Not long after getting my first job in the city, I was invited out for drinks and so excitedly I went along. I drank beer, as you do, and had a lovely chat with my new colleagues. I didn’t think much more of it until a couple of days later an older female colleague took me aside and said: “It was nice having you at drinks the other night, but you’re probably not aware that in this country ladies don’t drink pints. Going forward stick with wine or if you have to drink beer half pints. You don’t want the boys to get the wrong impression.”

 I was totally gobsmacked and told her that it was a good thing I wasn’t a “lady” because where I come from people drink what they like. She left the conversation in a huff. Still, it put me off socialising with my colleagues for a fair few weeks after that. To this day though, when I’m out and feel like beer, I pointedly always drink pints.”

Foxy, London.

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