There seems to be a real distaste for women who wear a lot of make up from fellow women and men in the beer industry. A colleague called a female beer reviewer a “bitch” because she had a lot of make up on in her instagram. A friend working for a brewery (also a make […]


I hate some of the beers I’ve had to serve at the pub I work in. There is nothing worse than a sleazy old bloke bellowing “I’ll have an Easy Blonde love” (yes I am blonde) so his mates can hear. I’ve asked my manager not to order beers with awful pump clips or sleazy […]


Excitedly went to a beer shop to get a particular limited edition stout that had just been released. Guy in the shop immediately asked if it was a present for someone then continued to express his confusion/surprise when I said it was for me.


Many times I’m out drinking with women who know far more about beer than me and yet bar staff expect me to choose for them.


I was at the Great British Beer Festival last year when one man also waiting to be served a one of the bars suggested I try a particular beer because it had a “pretty” pink label and “that’s the sort of thing girls like!”  Yes. We would all just like to drink pink beer with […]

Bramley Inn

Someone on Twitter asked for an example of offensive or discriminatory behaviour from pubs in the light of Motion 10 being passed at the CAMRA AGM at the weekend. The Bramley Inn in Bramley has conveniently given us a textbook example, posted to their Facebook page  yesterday.  


I used to work in a pub in the City and I am not sure I experienced a single shift where I didn’t have a customer who didn’t trust my recommendation on which beer to drink and go to ask my male manager for a second opinion.


I was pouring beer on a Friday evening and a customer (who was a bar manager from a local brewery pub) leaded over the bar and grabbed my breast. He seem shocked that I had him barred from the pub.


“Not long after getting my first job in the city, I was invited out for drinks and so excitedly I went along. I drank beer, as you do, and had a lovely chat with my new colleagues. I didn’t think much more of it until a couple of days later an older female colleague took […]