Bad Branding

Old Leghumper from Thirsty Dog Brewery in Akron, Ohio has some classy branding right there…  We suspect that they wouldn’t win any prizes under those new Brewers Association guidelines.


Every Thursday we’ll be looking back at some of the great articles and blog posts about sexism in the beer industry and why it needs to be tackled.  This week’s #TBT is from January this year and helped us realise this website was needed –  @MarkNJohnson‘s posts Come to Daddy and What Men did Next  at […]


There seems to be a real distaste for women who wear a lot of make up from fellow women and men in the beer industry. A colleague called a female beer reviewer a “bitch” because she had a lot of make up on in her instagram. A friend working for a brewery (also a make […]


I hate some of the beers I’ve had to serve at the pub I work in. There is nothing worse than a sleazy old bloke bellowing “I’ll have an Easy Blonde love” (yes I am blonde) so his mates can hear. I’ve asked my manager not to order beers with awful pump clips or sleazy […]


Excitedly went to a beer shop to get a particular limited edition stout that had just been released. Guy in the shop immediately asked if it was a present for someone then continued to express his confusion/surprise when I said it was for me.


Many times I’m out drinking with women who know far more about beer than me and yet bar staff expect me to choose for them.